Libyan International Medical University Journal

: 2018  |  Volume : 3  |  Issue : 1  |  Page : 1--2

Assessment and prospective for Libyan international Medical University Journal: New phase of development

Abdalla Salem Elhwuegi 
 On behalf of the Editorial Board of LIMUJ, Benghazi, LIBYA

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Prof. Abdalla Salem Elhwuegi
Chief editor, Libyan International University, Kairawan Street, Al-Fwaihat, Benghazi

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Elhwuegi AS. Assessment and prospective for Libyan international Medical University Journal: New phase of development.Libyan Int Med Univ J 2018;3:1-2

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Elhwuegi AS. Assessment and prospective for Libyan international Medical University Journal: New phase of development. Libyan Int Med Univ J [serial online] 2018 [cited 2021 May 13 ];3:1-2
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By: The Editorial Board of the Libyan International Medical University Journal.

The Libyan International University published its electronic scientific journal (LIMUJ) in March 2016, looking forward to achieve the following goals:

Encouraging scientific research in Libya and addressing local issues with an international visionStimulate young researchers and enhance their ability to write scientifically and support their conceptions and contributions to the dissemination of knowledgePublishing articles in Arabic (mother tongue) and English (the language of international scientific publishing) languages, to consolidate the role of the Arabic language in learning and creativityTo confirm the global competitive advantages by applying the standards of decent ethical scientific publishing.

During LIMUJ's short and rich career in the past two years, the journal has achieved the following:

The continuous growth in the number of articles submitted to the LIMUJ for publication as well as the improvement of the quality of published articles. In the past two years, the total number of papers received was 110. The requirements for reviewing were meet with only 51 articles, of which 31 articles were accepted after the approval of our reviewers with 60.8% acceptanceThe average length of time that the article passed from the date of receipt to the publication was approximately 82 days. The main reasons for this relative delay were several including the limited number of experienced and volunteer reviewers at the foundation stage of the magazine. Moreover, the editorial team provided means of support and advice for authors and researchers to develop their abilities in scientific writing and thus improving the quality of their presentations in line with the objectives of the journalWe were able to obtain the international digital object identifier, which determines the contents of each material published and provides a continuous link to their website. In addition, the journal received the International Standard Serial Number, which is used to identify publications or electronic journalsIndexing the journal with many international scientific research engines such as DOAJ, Google Scholar, BASE, CrossRef, and so onExpanding the Editorial Board of LIMUJ by international scientists from different disciplines in the field of medicine from various international universities to provide advices and directions for the development and updating of the journal in line with its basic objectivesOne of the latest achievements of LIMUJ is the contract with the international publishing house (Medknow, Wolters Kluwer) to oversee the editing and publication of the journal. This collaboration will establish the principle of professionalism and increase the scope of LIMUJ and its spread globally, and here we start with the first day of 2018 with this brief editorial report.

We are confident that we are developing to enrich the experience of LIMUJ and to achieve its objectives in verifying the quality of its scientific publications to become one of the leading journals in scientific publishing. We look forward to your support and contributions for better future.

With the best greetings of the editorial team to you for a successful and productive 2018.